Empty scented candles jars: Give your scented candle jars a second life and keep waste out of landfills!

Empty scented candles jars: Give your scented candle jars a second life and keep waste out of landfills!

A wonderful method to give your home atmosphere and fragrance is with scented candles. The candle may, however, run out completely, leaving you with an empty jar that you're not sure what to do with. Why not repurpose it rather than tossing it away? We'll talk about reusing your scented candle jars in this blog post to cut down on trash.


First, wash the jar.

Cleaning your scented candle container is the first step in reusing it. Start by taking out any leftover wax from the container. This can be accomplished by freezing the container for a few hours. With a butter knife and the wax solidified, you can remove it with ease.

After that, add hot water to the jar and let it rest for a while. Any leftover wax residue will become softer as a result. Clean the inside of the container using a paper towel. You can use a little amount of rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining wax residue.

Now, Choose a New Use 

After cleaning your container, choose how you want to put it to use again. There are countless options! Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Jars made from scented candles work well as storing bins. They can be used to hold tiny objects like jewelry, buttons, and paper clips. It is also simple to see what is inside thanks to the transparent glass.

Create a floral vase out of your candle jar. Simply add your preferred blooms and fill it with water. Your flower arrangement will have a distinctive flair thanks to the glass jar.

Beauty Brush Holder: Use a candle jar as a holder to keep your beauty brushes in order. Your brushes will be kept in the glass container.

Decorating Your Jar in Step 3

After determining how to repurpose your candle jar, you can design it however you like. Here are some suggestions:

Paint: To give your container a splash of color, use acrylic paint. You can either draw a special pattern or just paint the container a single color.

Ribbon: To give the container a decorative finish, tie a ribbon around it.

Stickers: Decorate the jar with stickers for a whimsical and enjoyable appearance.

Twine: To add a rustic touch, wrap twine around the container.

Step 4: Store Your Reused Jar

Now that your candle jar has been cleaned, repurposed, and decorated, it's time to find a new home for it. You can display your jar on a shelf, use it as a centerpiece, or give it as a gift to a friend. By reusing your scented candle jar, you're not only reducing waste but also adding a unique and personal touch to your home decor.

Scented candle jars don't have to end up in the trash once the candle is burned down. By following these simple steps, you can easily repurpose your jars and reduce waste. With a little creativity, your candle jars can become storage containers, flower vases, makeup brush holders, candle refills, or pencil holders. By reusing your candle jars, you're not only doing your part for the environment but also adding a personal touch to your home decor.

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