Going Green (Without the Maintenance): How to Pick the Ideal Artificial Plant

Going Green (Without the Maintenance): How to Pick the Ideal Artificial Plant

Selecting the right potted plant for your space can be tricky. There are hundreds of different varieties and every one looks different, so finding the ideal plant for your living room or home office may seem overwhelming — but let me tell you, it doesn't have to be.

First of all, it's perfectly normal to be overwhelmed as there is a sea of options to choose from so allow me to help to find the best fit for your situation — for your space, for yourself.

Artificial plants are the go-to option for people who need to place a plant in their home that works under any type of condition. This is a good way to start as it doesn't have many limiting factors like plant care , humidity ,sunlight, and weather. 

You've taken the first step, now take the second. That is select to the type of artificial plant 

The main reason we love plastic plants so much is because they mimic certain live plants in appearance so well you barely can tell a difference and it stays like that for years to come.This means that you can easily mimic the look of certain plants without having to get the real deal some of our favorites include:

1. Fiddle leaf figs are a type of hibiscus that have large leaves with very interesting fringes on it.

2. Ferns are often made up of scaly plate-like leaves that give off a protective sense of being like something living.

3. Snake plants, the shape and sharp margins of its leaves that resemble snakes. 

4. Philodendrons, a tropical American climbing plant which is widely grown as a greenhouse or indoor plant.

5. Succulents plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.

There are a couple of things you should be looking for when selecting a potted plant.

  • One must firstly keep in mind, artificial plants are a tiny investment 
  • Investing in interior decors is a great idea to fill up and personalize a space , one should   just keep in mind artificial plants make for a great interior décor thus buying plants made out of  good quality material so it looks real is durable and also has a layer of Uv protection so if it's kept under the sun it's not affected is recommended.

  • Quality of the Plant
  • Ensure the plant you are getting is made from the finest materials, so you can be sure that each and everything is high quality and ensure that these plants are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

  • Appearance 
  • If the finish of the plant is extremely glossy, that can come across as old-school tacky. Focus instead on thoughtful details that feel organic, like delicate root sheaths at the bottom of the plant and “dirt” around its base. When you go shopping for a potted plant, you want to be sure that it looks exactly like the one in your plan. The best place to get inspiration is on Pinterest. You can find close-up photos of real plants and their foliage and compare it with the one you are getting.

  • Steer clear from perfection 
  • If you want it to look natural it has to be imperfect at some places, that means it's important to take into account the colors and the texture of the stems. you should choose plants where the colors have gradients and stems are not all the same length or texture. Some stems should droop like live flowers would.

  • Take advantage of the variety of Artificial Plants available 
  • Artificial plants is not affected by sunlight if given or has a layer of UV protection, does not need water or depend on weather condition, so use these plants to fill up the different spaces in a house or office. Artificial plants aren't affected by chlorine treated water splashing on it which again makes it a great choice to keep near swimming pools.

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