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Top 5 Reasons why you should add Artificial Plants in your Home Decor!

Say Hello to the all new shade of green which stays green forever.

Interior decors without plants feels incomplete. It’s one way to bring the beautiful nature indoors into our man-made concrete dens.  Regardless of the purpose a room serves, be it an office, conference rooms, kitchen, bedroom, living spaces and even bathrooms, seeing greenery in plants/grass forms elevates our moods and boosts the efficiency of the activity we are performing in the room. 

In the hustle bustle of our ever-busy lives, maintaining real plants becomes a hassle, more often than not, they die and the plant pot remains empty. Insert an artificial plant and three quarters of the problem is solved while it helps one to give the green element to a room, costs little to nothing to maintain it and adds to the personalization of a room. 

The Color green is associated psychologically to make one feel at ease and refreshed, similar to how one feels when they step into a meadow. This is because our ancestors lived on an earth that was filled with greenery and thus it came to be the color perceived by our eyes with the least amount of strain. 

Why it's time to ditch the traditional way and choose faux plants instead?

1. A sea of plant and flower varieties to choose from

As Weather conditions don’t play a role in the upkeep of artificial plant one does not have to be limited to choosing plants that are suited to their location and hence, they are left with thousands of options to choose from.

2. Artificial plants has a long lifespan, newer and better materials are used to manufacture it and thus its much more durable.

Dust the plants once a month and the plant will live on, these days UV layered protection is also given to artificial plants that are kept outdoors to extend its durability.

 3. Artificial plants are hypoallergenic

Being allergic to certain plants or flowers doesn’t mean one can’t have plants in their spaces, artificial plants does not stimulate any allergic reactions and thus can be used by everyone.

 4. Wide possibilities of where the plant can be kept

As artificial plants do not require sunlight one can accentuate their boring spaces with artificial plants

5. Visually pleasing to the eye

Artificial or real plants stimulates a sense of relaxation and owing to the different materials and finishes given to artificial plants now a days one can barely spot a difference between a real and fake one

Here are some of the top ways you can use artificial plants to maximise your home decor style:

  1. Accenting a plain wall with wooden slats placed in a hexagonal manner with an artificial wall placed on the base slate , one can go all out and make several intertwined hexagonal slate and place artificial plant pots in each base slat.
  2. You could simply place it on your work desk to give you the refreshment you’ll need from time to time while working
  3. You can also use artificial plants in front of your mirror for an aesthetic mirror.
  4. Combination of several Artificial plant pots can also be used to increase the height of a divider or a partition wall that is low so it blocks the other space’s view or used in a manner to block more of the partition wall 

Regardless of where or how one uses it, artificial plant pots definitely adds to the aesthetic element of a room and elevates its look in an instant without the struggle of having to maintain and look after it.

Which is why we have lots of artificial plants in store for the people who would like greenery around them minus the hassle of maintaining it. Check out our Artificial Shrub With Wooden Textured Pot




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