Scent-sational: How Scented Candles Can Transform Your Space

Scent-sational: How Scented Candles Can Transform Your Space

Unlocking the World of Scents: A Beginner's Guide to Scented Candles and Their Benefits

Have you ever come across a smell and it instantly reminded you of something from your past? Familiar smells are associated with memories, people and events in our brain. This is because odor stimulates the limbic system the part of our brain related to emotions and memory.

Thus, coming home to a familiar scent can help our senses recognize the smell and relax our nerves accordingly.

Creating a vibe with scented candles in different spaces such as office, bedrooms, washroom and having a familiar smell to enter into and be is thus one of the most important elements of interior décor.

If you want to create the best mood in your home, invest in quality scented candles. Scented candles are made from fragrant oils mixed with wax to emit a certain kind of smell depending on the type of fragrant oil used. There are various qualities and varieties of scented candles available, a better grade of scented candles is called “triple scent” which uses a certain blend of wax that can hold 45 ml of fragrant oil and thus there’s a sufficient amount of pleasant aroma effused when the candles are burnt.

Wide varieties of fragrances are available in scented candles.

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Why should you make this tiny investment for your space ?

1.Candles help you relieves stress

According to scientific research, certain smells effused from scented candles helps one to relax and uplift their can help to relieve anxiety and depression as it helps in stimulating the happy hormones namely dopamine and serotonin, this it is crucial in aromatherapy as well.

2.It can help the space to feel more welcoming 

Candles are one way to soften a space and create a welcoming and warm vibe for the space it is used in. It can spark better conversations and between residents and visitors of the house and help to ease up hard conversations.

3.It can make the space smell nice and help with masking any bad odor that may be emanating from the kitchen or bathrooms.

Given the wide variety of flavors, one can choose a scented candle according to their likes and dislikes and set a mood for the particular space

4. Most importantly, it greatly adds to the atmosphere and ambiance of a room.

There is a scented candle for kitchen bathroom rooms dining table each making one feel at home while taking the luxurious feeling a notch up.All bad odors from the kitchen can easily be masked and same applies to the bathrooms and washrooms. Candles on the dining table can create an atmosphere of romance and warmth to elevate one's experience of having a meal. 

Here is my favourite scented candles as someone who loves the ocean!


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